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Training, seminars & conferences

I offer many courses, conferences and seminars built around the olfactory system and wine tasting. Wineries use me as a consultant during key winemaking moments for the aromatic expression of their products.

I also work with the food industry, consulting on other products, such as tea and alcohols.


Several examples of topics covered:


  • Olfactory descriptions of wines
  • Improvement of olfactory quality of wines
  • Accurate identification of defects
  • Tasting blends
  • Olfactory creations for training
  • Creation of olfactory identities
  • Aromatic profiles in food products


  • Positive olfactory molecules in wines
  • Olfactory wine faults
  • Training research panels
  • Training wine competition judges
  • Training juries for selections
  • Sensory support research
  • Vine stress and its sensory consequences
  • Introduction to wine tasting and continuing education

Groups I work with:

Wine professionals: oenologists, sommeliers, wine sellers, wine judges, sensorial analysis specialists, and panels. The food field also.

Experienced amateurs but also beginners, please feel free to contact me.